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The city of Bracii is one of the High Cities of Romanus, the namesake for the house of Bracii. The city of Bracii and the surrounding regions and territories are ruled by High Lord and Lady of the House of Bracii; they are High Lord Bracia Avitus and High Lady Braciius Lidia. Built upon a hill, Bracii's houses are all elegant lines and high arches. Statuary is visible frequently upon the streets and there are many fountains, some of which are illuminated from below with light. The trees wear veils of colored lights as well and when the lights in the city come up, it appears as if the city is a giant flame. 


The city is located in near the center of the empire. Its territory stretches out westward from the city walls. The territory encompasses a significant amount of farmland.

The House of Bracii 

"To call Bracii beautiful is to call the ocean wet" - Fidelias, Hand

The High Lord's Manor

The High Lord's manor is situated at the top of the hill. It is a walled fortress with innumerable gargoyles that have been there as long as anyone remembers. The feasting hall is long, with firepits built into the floor and a double row of marble pillars. The walls are covered with tapestries. A dais is located at the far end of the hall. The High Lord typically sits there.

As the seat of the House of Bracii, the city and surrounding territories bear the colors of the House of their High Lord: Blood-red on Deep Brown.

Fortresses maintained by the house of Bracii 

The house of Bracii does not maintain a fortress.


The Legions of Bracii bare the Heraldic design of the horns of a stag on blue and tan.


The city weathered countless natural and man-made disasters and was rebuilt many times. The city was relatively unscathed by the Great War.