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The city of Crassus is one of the High Cities of Romanus, the namesake for the house of Crassus. The city of Crassus and the surrounding regions and territories are ruled by High Lord and Lady of the House of Crassus; they are High Lord Crassusus Attis and High Lady Crassusus Invidia. 


The city is located in deep south of the empire. It's primary income comes from its mines.

The House of Crassus 

As the seat of the House of Crassus, the city and surrounding territories bear the colors of the House of their High Lord: Teal and Brown.

Fortresses maintained by the house of Crassus 

The house of Crassus maintains no fortress


The Legions of Crassus bare the Heraldic design of Teal and Brown.


Crassus is the home of many warrirors, who ably protect the city from the forces of evil and creatures coming from the south. A shining orb known as the Guardian hung over the city. The orb produces light that is painful to undead, and could be seen from virtually anywhere within a couple of miles.