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This fortified city has a strong military tradition and its legions are governed by a council of six (now five), called the Sword Council, whose members are the leaders of the local merchant families and clans. The unelected "advisor" of the Sword Council General Larak Cramerdawn who hold the position mainly by force of personality. The other Shield Council members are: 

  • Lord Mirkaal Danyr
  • Lady Jania Gieg
  • Lord Tans Kertronn
  • Lord Vex Krevol
  • Lord Baen Shaumn (assassinated)

The city of Gladius is one of the Fortresses of Romanus, the namesake for the house of Gladius. The city of Gladius and the surrounding regions and territories are ruled by High Lord and Lady of the House of Gladius; they are High Lord Gladiusus Attis and High Lady Gladiusus Invidia. 


The city is located in south-west of the empire.

The House of Gladius 

As the seat of the House of Gladius, the city and surrounding territories bear the colors of the House of their High Lord: Teal and Brown.


Gladius is known as the "Shield City" because it had more troops stationed there than anywhere else in Romanus. The business of the city largely revolved around the military with hundreds of blacksmiths, weaponsmiths, armorers, leatherworkers, stablekeepers, etc. which occupied the northern and western quadrants of the city. Large mining operations pulled iron and nickel out of the Troll Mountains to feed the smelters and ultimately produce the trappings of martial might. The eastern portion of the city is almost exclusively dedicated to the mining and related industries. The chief exports of Gladius are arms, armor, military equipment and training, mercenaries, and iron ore. Less lucrative but important for civic pride, the southern ward of the city is home to sculptors, artisans, and musicians.

Fortresses maintained by the house of Gladius 

The house of Gladius maintains no fortress


The Legions of Gladius bare the Heraldic design of Teal and Brown.


Gladius is first settled by colonists around the year 100 The citizens declared their independence and lived proud and free for over 300 years. However, around the year 400, they joined the empire.

Sometime during its history, Gladius had at one point been completely burned to the ground.

Rumors and Legends

  • Gladius is one of the few cities that contained a portal to the shadow realm.
  • Tharko's Thieves are thought to control or operate some gambling establishments and festhalls, and run a payday loan business that appealed to some soldiers. All rogue activity is kept inconspicuous by necessity due to the heavy military presence in the city. If any misconduct is blatant enough to be noticed at the top of the chain of command, the General is not above turning the tables and having a siege weapon misfire and accidentally hit these shady businesses.