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The Crest

Bracii Crest.png

Motto “Strength lies in unity.”

House colors Primary: Blue and tan

History Avitus is the High Lord of Bracii and the husband of Bracia Lidia. A tall man with a leonine build, Avitus has eyes of pitch black and dark golden hair that falls to his shoulders. He has his vices, which include but are not limited to fine foods and gloating after a victory. Avitus has had no faith in the house of resolutia since the murder of his friend Septimus in the Northern war. While he has little to no loyalty to Sextus, he is fiercely loyal to Romanus and is a capable field commander.

Current Family

High Lord Bracia Avitus

34 -Avitus was a close friend of Septimus during his youth. They attended the Academy together, where Avitus befriended Grachium Tertius and Videm Parcius.

Bracia Avitus

He was aware of the plots against Septimus and agreed to join him to deal with the perpetrators once Septimus left the northern wastes. When the wastes came under attack by the Nradians, Avitus rushed to the wastes to join Septimus. He arrived too late but was there when Septimus's body was found. It was this event, specifically Sextus's inability to protect Septimus, which has led Avitus to turn against Sextus and decide to pursue the throne for himself.

Lady Bracia Lidia

29 -  Lidia is tall and strikingly beautiful, with black hair, ivory skin, and grey eyes. Lidia is cold and aloof, very rarely feeling any sort of passion. She is as treacherous as she is beautiful, and derives her chief enjoyment from plotting against someone. Lidia was born into the top ranks of the Romanus citizenry. Her mother died when she was young, leaving her to be raised by her father, who largely ignored her in favor of her brothers. After Septimus's victory in the Battle of the northern wastes, a marriage was arranged between him and Lidia. However, Septimus rejected the proposal because of her cold, scheming personality. Lidia was furious at the rejection and decided to take revenge. She played a key role in the conspiracy that killed Septimus. Lidia eventually married Attis and became the major instigator behind his plots to usurp the throne.



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