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Crassus crest.png

The Crest

Motto “Through wisdom and strength."

House colors Primary: Purple and Brown


Crassus Quentin is the High Lord of Videx. Quentin is a very competent schemer and information collector. Quentin settled as a landlord in Crassus Lands, where he bought an estate with his father's money. In 10 years, Quentin impressed Inselm Alaric, then the high lord, by resolving conflicts with the elves of vocun in the Trade Way and with this he was adopted by Inselm.

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Current Family

High Lord Crassus Quentin

39- Quentin is tall and lanky with brown hair.

Lady Crassus Selia

31 - Selia is a tall half-elf who led her life as a ranger before marrying Quentin.