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Dellii crest.png

The Crest

Motto “Well versed in the art of war"

House colors Primary: Orange and Green


Dellii Macius is the High Lord of Videx. Macius was, from the age of 16, a devoted paladin and zealot, even cutting off his right hand in sacrifice to Saturn.

After a long time hunting evil throughout Romanus, the death of Lord Morus Brokengulf I forced Macius to become the next high lord of Dellii. However, after some months of work, Macius was greatly frustrated and turned over day-to-day operations of the family business to his wife, and again set out to fight evil.

Macius sometimes returned to the city but spent most of his time-fighting monsters.

Current Family


High Lord Dellii Macius

74 - Macius is a large man with white hair.

Lady Delii Regina

69 - The young lady enjoyed her noble position and wealth, and certainly didn't mind flaunting them around the empire. She often bragged about her skills as a hunter and her political connections, but with little evidence to back up her claims.

Lady Delli Regina

If challenged, she would bluster and threaten, but would never commit to a physical confrontation if any conflict rose to that level. While this reputation followed Regina for years, it wasn't a permanent state of being for the aging noble. During the northern war, she joined the Dellii 1st legion military as a battlefield commander, rising to the rank of Field General. During this time she was highly respected among everyone in the empire, to the point where she had the backing of most of the Dellii legions, in the post-war.