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Draci crest.png

The Crest

Motto “Live great, die stronger"

House colors Primary: Red and Black


Dracium Forcius is the High Lord of Videx. During his early 20's, when the rest of his family seemed to lose interest in running their commercial holdings, Forcius took great initiative in keeping his family's wealth intact. After coming into a sudden influx of gold, he invested his windfall into local businesses and properties within the city.

There were some in Draci that believed Forcius acted as a fence for smugglers who brought stolen goods into the city.


Current Family

High Lord Dracium Forcius

44 - Forcius is a cunning half-elf, with thick, short blond hair and light blue eyes.

Lady Dracium Sybil

369 - Sybil is a striking elf, with golden hair and radiant blues eyes.