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Eros crest.png

The Crest

Motto "Steadfast and loyal."

House colors Primary: violet and white


Eros Brencis is the High Lord of Videx. On a drunken night, he and his friends went on an ill-fated moonlit hunt, which ended with Brencis grievously injured by a boar. He found himself confined to his bed, and his reminder of the fleeting nature of his youth made Brencis deeply depressed. His father contacted the wizard Kalarous, a family friend, to cheer up the young man. Kalarous diagnosed Brencis with lycanthropy, contracted from the boar that gored him. Brencis confided in Kalarous his fear of aging, and Kalarous responded by offering him a potion of youth. With the potion came a warning that it would poison the young man, and that he would need to administer a cure every year to remain young and vital. Brencis agreed, and had his youthful strength restored by the potion.


Current Family

High Lord Eros Brencis

54 - Brencis is a stylish, wealthy man, with well-kempt black hair and a matching beard. He wore red clothes inlaid with gold patterns. As a young man, he is known for his love of revelry, and his dashing manners. He fears growing old, especially since it means an eventual end to his youthful carousing.