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Gladius crest.png

The Crest

Motto “Perseverance conquers all."

House colors Primary: Blue and Teal


Gladia Decimus is the High Lord of Videx. Decimus is a noble and a follower of Neptune. His goal is to restore his home city to its former glory and reunite the fractions which he believed will lead the empire into a golden age of prosperity and unity.


Current Family

High Lord Gladia Decimus

34 - A dedicated athlete, Decimus is tall, slender, and strong with a toned physique. He has short black hair. Decimus is not married. He discovered from records in his temple in Gladius that a very powerful artifact had been lost on the distant Isles before the empire's decline. He knew almost nothing about this artifact but believed that Neptune would guide him. He traveled all over the isles in search of ancient ruins. However, he feared that someone else would want the artifact for personal profit and did not wish to inadvertently give away a vital clue to its nature or location, so he is tight-lipped about his quest.