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The Crest

Grachi Crest.png

Motto “One house, one family.”

House colors Primary: Purple and Sage


Grachium Tertius is the High Lord of Grachi. An elf with white wispy hair, Grachi is a man who prefers peace but knows the necessity of war when the need arises. He shows great care for the people of the land he governs and distresses the role he is sometimes forced to play in the Empire.

Current Family

High Lord Grachium Tertius


684 - Tertius always dresses in black. When going out, he often wears a black hat and carries a sword cane with him. Tertius attended the Academy, where Tertius befriended Bracia Avitus and Videm Parcius. In his youth, he fell in love with a young human girl. They were arranged to be married but she died of the fever when both she and Tertius remained in Grachi to aid others during a plague.

When Tertius was around 100 a rich merchant named Contigae bought several old tombs with the goal of tearing them down to construct his own massive tomb. Unfortunately, one of the tombs was Tertius's fiancee's. In his anger, Tertius used a necromantic spell from a spellbook belonging to a long-dead cousin to wake the dead and cause them to haunt Contigaegae's mansion. The spell was more powerful than Tertius anticipated and things soon got out of hand.

The famous wizard Aurora Henson tracked the curse to Tertius and he showed them how to reverse the spell and send the dead back to their tombs. As punishment for his actions, the ghost of one of Tertius's long-dead ancestors decreed that Tertius could not be buried in the family tomb. The punishment was irrelevant because Tertius had long ago purchased a small plot next to his fiancee's tomb as his burial place.


Although kind at heart, Tertius has a fiery temper.

Due to his age, Tertius values highly the old ways of Grachi, considering the city's traditions to be what older generations need to pass down to the younger ones. Tertius, in turn, values the city's nobility highly and feels deeply troubled by how many of those old families are struggling to survive.

Tertius's regard for tradition further causes him to dislike much of Grachi's merchant class. He considers them to cause too much change in the city without regard for its history, and he resents them for feeling entitled to do so by simply being wealthy.


Lady Grachium Vivina

569 - Grachium Vivina has flame-red hair which is unusual for a high elf. She was the captain of the Dracompia, a noble-owned pirate-hunter. She is also rumored to be a member of the council.  


Vivina has a quick fiery temper and an equal tenacity. She can also be impulsive. Vivina is also a natural-born sailor.