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Videx crest.png

The Crest

Motto “Deeds not words."

House colors Primary: Purple and Black


Videm Parcius is the High Lord of Videx. Parcius was the rotten son of a minor noble. Having a bad life with his parents, when he was 19 he left home and soon joined a group of water cultists. Parcius lived as a pirate with his fellow cultists until he was captured by his parents in his 26 year.

In that year, Parcius's cell was ordered to attack a merchant ship and take a powerful scroll. However, an adventuring party hired by his parents destroyed the cell and captured Parcius.

Current Family

High Lord Videm Parcius


74 - When Parcius was 30 he attended the Academy, where Parcius befriended Bracia Avitus and Grachium Tertius. Parcius is a grumpy halfling man who loses his temper easily. He is greedy to a fault, but his diligence and talent for handling large sums of money make him well-suited for his job.

Lady Videm Amaru

69 - Amaru is very attractive halfling with large, dark eyes and black hair Amaru lived in Resolutia as a child. Her father, a Wizard, was murdered along with the rest of her family and Amaru barely escaped with her life. This has led to her hatred of emperor Sextus. She settled in Videx and at some point learned the skills of a rogue. She became a reasonably accomplished burglar and acquired the nickname Red Shadow.

At some point before she was 31, Amaru met Parcius in a tavern.