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The travels of Marcus Fabius

Marcus Fabius was born on the outskirts of Virtus in a hamlet named Ponza. Marcus became apprenticed to a mercenary and traveled throughout Romanus with that company until he was 37. by then he had made enough money to strike out on his own. He traveled with merchants to the far north and bartered with the Gnomish Horde. 

While he was residing in Nardia he wrote two lengthy volumes on the Gnomish Culture (The Great Horde and Minor  Etiquette ). Marcus left Nardia after 5 years of immersing himself in Gnomish culture and language. He felt that he needed a fresh take on the world before everything began to feel small. He returned to Virtus and took up a position at the Great University where he began to teach the Gnomish Language and Gnomish culture. 

Marcus remained at the university for several more years and then on his 50 birthday decided to head on another expedition.