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The city of Marro is one of the High Cities of Romanus, the namesake for the house of Marro. The city of Marro and the surrounding regions and territories are ruled by High Lord and Lady of the House of Marro; they are High Lord Marrous Raucus and High Lady Marrous Dorotea. 


The city is located in the extreme South-west of Romanus, bordered by the Southern mountains on the south and the Shieldwall on the west. Along with Acipit on the far south-east, the Legions and Citizenry of Marro maintain and man the north fortress along the eastern Shieldwall, the massive bastion between the people of Romanus and the Avon Tribes of the East.

The House of Marro 

Both Marro and Acipit are staunch supporters of the House of Resolutum. Both houses maintain multiple fortresses on the shield wall.

As the seat of the House of Marro, the city and surrounding territories bear the colors of the House of their High Lord: Blood-red on Deep Brown.

Fortresses maintained by the house of Marro 

The house of Marro maintains a significant amount of fortresses on the Eastern shield wall. Due to the significant amount of activity on East the house of Marro has been permitted to recruit an additional legion, bringing their number of legions to four.

The Fortresses maintained by the house of Marro are:



The Legions protecting the city and manning the Shieldwall are the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Marroian. These legions are almost unceasingly occupied with the constant assaults of the Avon Tribes. As such, the Eastern Shield Wall Legions see a comparatively large amount of action.

The Legions of Marro bare the Heraldic design of Two Brown Crossed Bars.