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Nradian Union, of Nard consists of various cultures and nations.


Nardians believe their history reaches as far back as the 2nd century. The first settlers mixed with elves, creating a nation keeping most of the elven language, beliefs, customs, and culture.​ Meanwhile, the valiant shepherds inhabiting scattered settlements slowly incorporated the surrounding nations, appropriating their best traits like the culture, technology, and military strategies, offering the safety and order in return.

Originally a kingdom, the state was turned into a republic with Senate in charge.​ The monarchy was ultimately restored by Imperator Torr who proclaimed himself Emperor and founded the Nradian Empire.[​8]​

During the Torr's rule, Nardians managed to reach the realm of Romanus in the south resulting in a long and​ Bloody war known among the citizens of Romanus as the Great War. which was brought to a swift end by the arrival of the Gnomish Horde which drove the majority of the Nardians south to Avon or West to Ventia.

With the arrival of the GNomish Horde came a period of watchful peace with the Nardians.

Physical description

Nardian Empire is inhabited by most of the known sentient races, with humans as the majority. dwarves, particularly hill dwarves are the largest minority.

The native Nardians tend to have long faces, large foreheads, and dark hair and eyes - the legacy of their elven ancestors. Many of them have aquiline noses and strong chins, resulting in a characteristic Nardian profile. They are of medium height, usually with slim bodies and slender - yet muscled - arms and legs. Their skin is darker than Nordlings' but usually not much swarthy. However, due to mixing with conquered nations and immigrants in the capital region, these characteristics can often vary.


Language and writing systems

Nradian Union could be described as a genuine linguistic microcosm. Each of the conquered people used their ancestral languages at home. The Nardian language is based on Gnomish Runes. It is considered quite complicated, but surprisingly logical and more focused on details than other languages. It is official throughout the state and necessary to achieve a career.


​During the Republican period, there was not an official religion but dozens of smaller cults scattered throughout the state.​ The situation changed during Emperor Torres's reign​ who was looking for a symbol which would unite the realm better and more permanently than only the ruling dynasty. He found such a symbol in Thor. He declared the Church of Thor the official state religion in the Nradian Union. Other religions have been tolerated.