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"The Emperor's Hands are sworn to the service of the Emperor, as the mortal representative of the gods."
―James, Grandmaster of the Emperor's Hands during the great war.


The Emperor's Hands, also known as the Imperial Intelligence Service, are an agency who are sworn to the service of the emperor. The patron deity of the Emperor's Hands is Mars. The agents of the hands include powerful monks, zealous rangers, talented rogues, and weathered warriors. They are chosen primarily for their loyalty and obedience. Backed by the emperor and sworn to his service, members of the hands give up their lives to their emperor.

The Emperor's Hands recruit directly from the legion, picking only the most loyal and capable of soldiers to be invited to join. Upon joining they spend anywhere from 2 - 5 years in intense training before becoming a full agent, or Hand. Though there is an ancient clause stating that action of intense loyalty can qualify one to join.


  1. Loyalty is the first virtue, eschew all else should this come into question.
  2. Honor is given to those who serve quietly and well.
  3. Kill those who oppose you, destroy those you suspect.


To ensure the safety and prosperity of the empire and the emperor of Romanus by any means necessary, eliminate such threats whenever and wherever they arise and serve in the shadows.


Knight Brother/Knight Sister

The default rank that is given to new members of the Emperor's Hands.


The Chronicler of the Emperor's Hands is tasked with ensuring the assignments of the Emperor's Hands are never known to the public, but never lost either.


The Grandmaster is involved with the recruiting of new Emperor's Hands members.


The Emperor's Hands are tasked with serving the emperor. Members of the Emperor's Hand have defended the Emperors, while other members of the Emperor's Hands were spies, with their own professions. Stealing or attacking an Emperor's Hand member results in the offender being permanently expelled from the organization.