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Romanus is the setting for Pax Romanus. It is an empire that is ruled by an emperor or First Lord, along with High Lords ruling the various cities. Their civilization is based on the Roman Empire. In its history, it has beaten and destroyed numerous enemies including but not limited to, the Nradian Union, the Vearuns, and the Avons.

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The empire has fallen into corruption and decay in recent years. While peace has reigned and tribute from foreign countries pours in, the Lords of the land generally waste their wealth in opulent displays of grandeur and power.

The current emperor sits on the throne through a legal technicality and an extremely strong alliance with many of the wealthiest and most powerful of the High lords.

The land and nation of Romanus, it constitutes most of a continent, ending at the coast to the west and partially the north, the Deveron Valley and river to the realm of the NradiansNard, to the north, the realm of Avon to the east, and the Southern Mountains to the south.


The nation is divided into state-like territories named for the prominent cities, each ruled by a High Lord. Inside these territories exist various towns and steadholts (villages) where the majority of the free, non-citizen populace live. Each city fields the Legions that make up the military of Romanus. These cities, and their lords at the beginning of the campaign, are: