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The House of Cestiis is in charge of maintaining the fortress of Cestiis and, also builds a majority of the catapults and trebuchets for the empire. Lord Cestiis has been honored by the emperor with the title of High Marshal.  

The Crest of Cestiis

The House of Cestiis is allied with House Vocun.

The House of Cestiis is currently at odds with House Acipit, Resolutia, stillae, and Marro.

1st legion of Cestiis.jpg

The Crest


"Honor binds us."

House colors

Primary: Teal and Brown

Recent Timeline

Before the northern war

The House of Cestiis main source of income was through their buildings and architecture.

During the northern war

The House of Cestiis encouraged the other houses to devote significant resources to the war effort while they devoted nearly everything. They also ferociously argued for the involvement of House Marro and House Acipit on account of their being the only Houses with additional legions.

High Lord Cestiis

After the northern war

The House of Cestiis and its legions were given the honor of leading the army into battle in every engagement. to the surprise of all the other houses, not only did the majority of 2 of Cestiis's 3 legions survive the war but, High Lord Cestiis Attis who was at the forefront of every engagement survived with only the loss of his left arm.


The House of Cestiis has retreated into itself and continuously built up its fortifications on all sides. It has become a recluse section of the empire, a land to itself.

Current Family

High Lord Cestiis Attis

34 - A former legionnaire, Attis has the magic skills of exceptionally strong sorcerer especially in earth magic. As a former legionnaire, Attis has at least rudimentary ability in all forms of sorcery.

High Lord Attis

Attis has overwhelmingly powerful earth magic. Attis channels his earth magic to bolster his already impressive might, allowing him to perform superhuman feats of strength. Attis has moved large boulders like pebbles, smashed large and dangerous enemies, and lifted impossible heavy loads frequently and easily. He has demonstrated his ability to manipulate the excitement of others through his earth magic, primarily using it to calm down animals like horses and dogs. He can use his earth magic to bring minerals together, such as gathering the salt in the earth to encase an arrowhead in salt. 

High Lady Cestiis Invidia

30 - As a former member of hands of faith, Invidia has rudimentary training in all forms of magic.

Lady Invidia

Thunder magic

Amara has powerful thunder magic, and advanced thunder magical techniques.